Singing makes you happy – Exercise 7: Changing sounds

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Singing makes you happy – Exercise 7



Singing makes you happy.

In fact, everybody knows it. But so many people simply don’t dare to sing.

Christin Bonin, a dedicated and passionate voice teacher, has been teaching amateur singers and professional singers to improve their vocal abilities since 1987.

After her book „Belt Voice Training – Singing with a belting voice“ she now presents her new book „SINGING makes you HAPPY“. Her goal is to reach all those people who simply wish to sing better and more beautifully without going through too much technical jargon and singing scales up and down for hours.

Moms, dads and teachers will find it a fun read to help teach children and young people how to sing – or simply teach themselves.

Age is not a factor. There is no age limit for singing.

Singing will enrich your life.

You will be happier and more successful, in your job and life.

„SINGING makes you HAPPY“ is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Start singing. You won’t regret it.


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